DOMINIC SABORIDO, JR. DECIDED TO WRITER A TEXT DECODER BOOK FOR HIS UNCLE, WHO COULDN’T READ HIS MESSAGES. It has come that time when an 11 year has to write a book for the adults to understand the code of the young. Las Vegas, 3rd of June: Dominic Saborido, Jr.,Read More →

You decided to have an affair. Moments are now filled with fantasies about meeting a mysterious stranger, rendezvous taking place in dark locations, stolen kisses and the promise of passion to come. Join her next Webinar KEEP YOUR SECRET AFFAIR A SECRET Join Here You may even have taken yourRead More →

“Under the lemon tree” is written based on the ideas of family. It is a book of poetry that tells the story of the Lemon Tree family. This book shows different personalities that changed from good to bad, from heroes to villains. This is a story that almost everyone inRead More →

The Baneberry Disaster cover the calamitous December 1970 Baneberry underground nuclear test that pumped nearly 7 million curies of radiation into the atmosphere, caused the suspension of nuclear testing at the Nevada Test Site for six months, and whose radioactive cloud exposed 86 test-site workers to radiation, two of whomRead More →