I got to thinking about some references we all threw around last night. Especially about ” the weighing of the heart” mentioned so prominently in the Egyptian Book of the Dead

The ibis-headed figure overseeing the affair is Thoth. the god of language and scribes,etc  The HEART is on one side of the balance the comparison is with the weigh of “the WHITE FEATHER of TRUTH” which is on the other.

One curious feature to think about is that heart is the anagram of Earth…in the language of the East, in this ceremony, the karmic weight of the deceased’s life energy from this life on Earth is compared in an unbiased way with the actual measurement of that energy in terms of the Natural Laws which are always true and consistent.

Thoth is there to impersonally record the merit value of that life in the balance. Much of the Egyptian Book of the Dead sounds like a litigation request….here is Slomo, please look kindly on his life and ask Osiris to take him into heaven, etc. etc.

Some ramble thoughts

Be well

Douglas A Davy

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