“Under the lemon tree” is written based on the ideas of family. It is a book of poetry that tells the story of the Lemon Tree family. This book shows different personalities that changed from good to bad, from heroes to villains. This is a story that almost everyone in the world can relate to because similar events happen in so many families. I have seen families torn apart by lies, cheating, stealing, and self-hate.

This story is about seven beautiful sisters and a brother who ruin their family name and takes everyone through the most profound decline. Under the Lemon Tree shows the central point of seven sisters and one brother who were at one point loving and caring for their nephew, the protagonist of the story. He believed them to be divine.

From childhood, he walked with them, followed them, and did whatever they did. They were like gods and goddesses to him, because he believed they could never make mistakes. He used to always feel proud of them.

This is the tale of those dark ages when all the love and care has vanished over an inheritance dispute. The family name, Lemontree, was changed from being revered with great respect to being the joke of the town. All the sisters are fighting over an inheritance that doesn’t belong to them. They lied to each other and created misconceptions and misunderstandings.

They gay shamed their brother and nephew for being gay, for being men of culture and education, and for being honest with themselves and no longer their puppets. The protagonist realizes how the sisters have abused them both emotionally, verbally, and sometimes mentally.

Under the lemon tree is a defining a story from a bright past relished under great, honorable, honest, and upright grandparents to a bitter family dispute that has ruined everything and everyone’s life.

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